How To Write A Good Essay On Why The Death Penalty Is Effective

Writing a strong argumentative essay can be very difficult especially if the topic is a complex one. If you are going to write an essay debating the effectiveness of death penalty then you will need to do a lot of research beforehand. This is one sensitive topic and needs some careful handling. You never know which side the invigilator favors and hence you must try to present both the argument and counter argument effectively.

Here are some points to help you through the essay so that it is most effective:

  • The first step towards writing an effective essay is planning. Plan on how you wish to write the essay. Do ample research to support all your facts and arguments. It is a topic which generates lots of interest so you will not fall short of research material. You can go through public records and other writings to get the proper idea. The records will also give you the necessary facts to uphold your arguments

  • Once you start writing, state which side you are on. You will have to present both sides of the argument and then select a side. The basic objective of an argumentative essay is to project both side of the topic evenly and then conclude which side you favor and why.

  • Once you have established which side of the argument you support, you need to prove it. Since this is a popular topic you will find no dearth of information no matter which side you wish to defend.

  • In the body of the essay represent both pros and cons of the death penalty. Select the strongest pieces of evidence and then the conclusion that can be drawn from it. Once you have stated both sides evenly mention why you support one part of the argument. Give enough data and information to justify your choice.

Since this is a very much debated subject you will have to be very thorough with your research. Do not make up any false evidence and always remember to cite your resources. Try not to get too emotional. Make your conclusions based on reasoning and not on emotion. If you feel strongly about the subject, try not to show it through your writing. Instead try to come up with strong evidence that will help you in establishing your side of the argument.

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