Looking For Someone To Write My Essay For Free- 5 Reasons Why It’s Not A Good Option

So, you have decided to go the route where you put the task of writing your essay into the hands of someone else. You are not the only one. This is the conclusion for many students. Essays are horrible for most people. They take up so much time and energy. What real life purpose do they have anyway?

It is hard to answer that question but I do know that the actual essay is not the lesson. The lesson comes from organizing your thoughts and creating a case to prove your point. This, however, is an important life lesson. The main point of writing your essay is to make a point and prove it. You do this by writing an introduction, following it with the main point called the thesis, listing three solid cases to support the thesis, and wrapping it all up with the conclusion.

Well if you are still looking to just score a free essay online here are five reasons why it’s not a good option. If you have to get the paper and there is no way you are writing it yourself, at least pay for a custom one.

  1. Could be used by one or more students.
  2. The main reason to avoid getting a free essay and submitting it is that it could have been handed into your teacher already by someone else. This is a cause for concern because the cat will be out of the bag that you were cheating.

  3. It may not be very good.
  4. You get what you pay for. Who can say what grade the writer got on that essay? It may not get you a good grade and if that is the case, it was not even worth it.

  5. It may not be at your level.
  6. Handing in a high school level paper for your college class is just not going to cut it. You can’t hand in a paper that was written for a high school class in college.

  7. It is cheating.
  8. Some schools will kick you out for cheating. It is so much easier to get caught cheating when you choose a paper from a free site than if you pay to have one custom written for you.

  9. This isn’t the last one.
  10. You are going to have to write so many more essays. Why wouldn’t you just want to learn how to write them successfully instead of playing Russian roulette with a free paper every time?

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