The Purpose Of An Expository Essay: A Writing Guide

The purpose of an expository essay is, if we put it in simple words, to explain a certain idea or concept. Of course, while writing you will discover that it’s much more than that, and you need to put all your efforts into this. The good news is that it’s not difficult at all, and it can be done even by the most inexperienced student. Here is a complete writing guide:

  • Choosing the topic. While picking the right subject is easy in general, it can be a bit of the problem when it comes to this kind of composition. You need to find a subject that is easy to explain for you, but interesting for your colleagues and professor. Also, there needs to be plenty of information available about it and trustworthy sources for you to analyze.
  • Make research. You will have to explain and present this concept in front of many people, so you have to be sure that you know everything there is about it. It’s not unusual for students to spend a few days or more for research, so you should not take this job as an easy one. Read different perspectives and ideas, search for arguments and evidence and combine them all into one single interesting composition.
  • Keep your opinion private. It does not matter how passionate you are about this subject; you should now involve your opinion in this text. You have to present the facts as they are, even if you agree with them or not. If you want to discuss about this you can do it in a separate composition; your professor will be happy that you did some extra work all by yourself.
  • Bring references, arguments and definitions. You need to be sure that after they read your composition, your colleagues understand exactly what you meant. If this means to explain some terms or scientific evidence for certain ideas, then you have to do it. Again, hold yourself from discussing any of these.
  • Write in the third person. The word “I” has nothing to do here, as you are not involved at all in the composition. Finish with a short and clear conclusion. In other texts you can express your point of view in the conclusion, but not here. You will have to make a resume of everything that you just wrote.
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