8 General Tips On How To Use Citations In An Essay

When writing an academic paper like an essay, students usually make use of other people’s ideas, either by rephrasing them or quoting them directly. With these actions, it becomes necessary that those ideas that were utilized are properly given the due credit. When a student is able to use other people’s ideas properly, it goes a long way to prove that such student has all it takes to study, understand, and also use findings to their own benefit. So, when you decide to write your paper based on other people’s text, it is important you know how to use citations in your paper.

The aim of writing an essay is for you to clearly state your own view, even though you are borrowing ideas from various sources to back up your view. This means that instead of reproducing another person’s work, you should rather use them to produce yours. In acknowledging the sources of your idea, you should take the following tips into consideration. They are as follows:

  • - In citing within your paper, you should only write the author’s last name and the journal’s year of publication. For example, (Najite 1970). The complete name, date of publication, page number and other necessary information will be written in the references page.
  • - For a work done by two authors, the last names of both authors are cited. An example is (Clark and Aditi 1968) If there are more than two authors, then the last name of the first author is written and followed by “et al”, or “and others” and the year of publication.
  • - For a publication without a identifiable author, it should be cited as anonymous with the year of publication following that. For example (Anon. 1996).
  • - If there are several citations at a particular time, they should be typed separated by semicolons. For example, (Clark 1974:108; Kirk 1970; Singh et al 1970).
  • - For a paper that was found in another publication, you should cite it in this manner (Kirk 1950, in Sundiat 1987)
  • - You should also understand proper placement of periods after parenthetical citations.
  • - Finally, make sure that authors’ names are properly spelt and years of publication should be correct.

With the above tips, you can be sure of getting your citations correct within your essay. This way, there will not be any chances of you having plagiarized content in your academic paper.

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