How To Write An Essay In Elementary School: Basic Manual For Dummies

You may have to write an essay for every class in elementary school. It is one of the most important evaluation tools because it helps your teacher know that you really understand the concepts and ideas that are being taught in class. However, even if you understand the topics, if you don’t know how to write a solid paper, your teacher may think that you don’t because your paper is so poorly written. The same goes for if you can write a solid paper. Even if you are not quite sure about the topic, you can still show your teacher you understand by writing a solid paper.

Here are some tips that can help you understand how to write the paper successfully. Here is the basic manual for elementary school students.

  1. 1. Five paragraph format
  2. Your paper will have five paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introductory paragraph. The second to fourth paragraphs will be the body paragraphs. The fifth and last paragraph is your conclusion. You will present information about your topic that your reader would need to know to write a successful paper in the introductory paragraph. A sentence stating the main point of your paper will also be presented in this section. The three paragraphs in the middle will work to prove this point. Each one will talk about a different reason why it is true. Your last paragraph will talk about all of your main points again.

  3. 2. Thesis statement
  4. The main point of your paper and your focus sentence is called a thesis statement. It would make a statement and then you will list the reasons why that you will discuss in the body of your paper. It should look something like this:

    The thesis statement is very important because it creates a transition to the body of your paper, it gives your reader an idea what your paper should be about, and it is a great way to create a focus for your paper so you know what to write about.

  5. 3. Outline
  6. You should create an outline that will present all of your main ideas. You can put them in an order that makes the most sense to you so that you know how to present them in your paper. An organized paper will have a much bigger effect.

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