How To Write A 4-Page Argumentative Essay On The Letter From Birmingham Jail

What is an argumentative essay? It’s your opportunity to prove your point of view on a certain subject. The main goal of argumentative essays is to teach students to defend their point of view with the help of reliable arguments that can be grounded on reference and critical literature. If you need to write such an essay that is dedicated to a literary work, you need to remember several important things.

  1. 1. Stick to the type of the essay and its format.
  2. If you are supposed to write an argumentative essay, don’t mix it up with other types of academic projects. You need to provide a clear thesis statement and choose enough reliable arguments to confirm this point of view. Besides that, if you are told to write a 4-page project, you need to remember that everything that goes beyond this size is undesirable. Make sure that you understand what should be included in those four pages and which parts (like the title page, bibliography, appendix, etc.) are counted as separate pieces. Be sure to stick to the given style of academic writing in order to win the highest points not only for the content but also for the formatting.

  3. 2. Choose a good topic.
  4. If you are not given a ready topic, you will need to find one on your own. If you are writing about such a piece of literature as the Letter from Birmingham Jail, it will hardly be difficult. Make sure that you like the topic because if you do, the process of writing and searching for additional reference information will turn into an exciting experience. If you don’t have a ready topic and cannot create one from scratch, try searching for samples of other students’ works on the Letter from Birmingham Jail on the Internet, in libraries, or in writing labs.

  5. 3. Make sure that you have enough reference information.
  6. As a rule, you need at least three reference sources that will help you prove your point of view. You can add a couple more but don’t overdo. Too many sources of information will only create a confusion in your essay and in your thoughts. Make sure that all of the sources of information regarding the Letter from Birmingham Jail are reliable enough. You can use both online and offline sources; still, if you are not completely sure about the reliability of some of them, you should better check it out with your teacher.

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