Outstanding Nutrition Essay Topics For College Students

Nutrition is in the forefront of trending subject more than any other field these days. To go gluten free, or Paleo, or nut-free, are all headlines plastered in the news. If you take a science, nutrition, or home economics class, you are going to be assigned a paper on food and all that makes it up. When that does happen, consider one of these great 20 topics:

  1. 1. Gluten Free Eating-a very trending topic
  2. 2. Red Meat and It’s Place in Our Diet-are people really carnivorous?
  3. 3. Fruits and Vegetables and Modified Kinds- a hot topic
  4. 4. What Foods We Can Live Without-can you decide?
  5. 5. Why Butter Beats Margarine Every Time-natural vs. processed products
  6. 6. Cheeses: Pros and Cons-is cheese bad?
  7. 7. The Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet-can your system process this much-uncooked food?
  8. 8. While Eating Nuts During Maternity May be Good for Your Unborn Child-pro or con?
  9. 9. Salt: A Necessary Evil-the benefits and drawbacks of salt in your diet
  10. 10. Anti-Carb Diets and the Destruction They Can Cause-look at the studies
  11. 11. Eating Disorders and Young Girls-the facts are evident
  12. 12. Are You Really What You Eat? - Yes or no and why?
  13. 13. Taking Vitamins: Pros and Cons-can you get what you need from your meals, or must you take pills?
  14. 14. Lactose Intolerance and How to Handle It-ideas on living lactose free
  15. 15. Eat Like the French for a Better Lifestyle-it is a great way to live
  16. 16. Home Gardens and City Life-plants and the patio
  17. 17. Seafood and Its Enormous Benefits for You-what if you are allergic and what seafood are bad for you?
  18. 18. Beer: It’s Good for You-but how and why?
  19. 19. The Red Wine and Dark chocolate Myth-or is it proven?
  20. 20. Baby Food and Why You Should Make Your Own-pick homemade over processed every time

The title ideas for an assigned essay on nutrition are really endless. Feel free to use one of these 20 innovative suggestions. Whatever title you select, you will still need to follow the teacher’s directions, write in a formal format, pay attention to whether your teacher wants MLA or APA, have sources, make an outline, and have a reference page. Even though food and nutrition may seem like an informal topic, you will still need to follow all of your regular writing rules and regulations.

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