Essay Topics On History Of The USA: A List Of 10 Interesting Ideas

The following ten topics will explore American history from a slightly original standpoint and provide you with some great subject matter for your essay.

  • Three people who were key to ending slavery in the USA
  • Give a brief synopsis of three people who influenced the end of American slavery and tie them all in together to show their collective contribution. Also mention the legacy they have left the country.

  • The American Civil War and the end of slavery
  • Look at how the American Civil war had a hand in ending slavery. History records that slavery was one of the main subjects of the war and that the South desperately wanted to hold on to legal slavery.

  • John F. Kennedy: His pre-assassination presidential contribution
  • We often focus on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and fail to explore his work as president. Discuss this side of his life for your essay and look briefly into reasons why he may have been assassinated.

  • Post slavery racism: Silent slavery in America
  • Look at how racial discrimination perpetuated slavery even long after it had officially ended. How were black Americans treated afterwards and how has it dissipated over the decades?

  • The Native American Awatobi tribe
  • Native American history can be a refreshing topic to explore. Do your essay on the Awatobi tribe and their influence on the country.

  • Reformation influences in America
  • How did Martin Luther’s reformation affect America? Look at three distinguishing landmarks in American history that pertains to the global Christian reformation.

  • Benjamin Franklin: A brief biography
  • Give three characteristics of Benjamin Franklin and his influence on American history.

  • J. Edgar Hoover: The forming of the FBI
  • An enigma of a man, J. Edgar Hoover was a pioneer in forming the FBI. How did his character play into this massive project and what has he left us with today?

  • The hunt for Bin Laden
  • Part of our recent history is the search for Osama Bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks. Describe this hunt for one of the most wanted men in the world.

  • Three people who shaped America
  • Do a general history essay on three people you feel shaped America to what it is today. Choose some people who influenced the country from the background, instead of the obvious people your classmates would mention.

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