The Louisiana Purchase

People who either studied history or have an interest in history might know a thing or two about the Louisiana Purchase. In a nutshell, this purchase involved the US buying the Louisiana territory from France in the year 1803. The Louisiana territory is not a small area. It is more than 800 thousand miles squared. Considering this area, the amounts of money involved in the purchase were not small either. Millions of dollars were involved in this deal.

In order to better understand the size of the area involved in this deal, let us explore a little more details. The area includes fifteen of the current American states and two provinces in Canada. These states include Arkansas, Kansas, Lowa and Wyoming among others. The Canadian provinces involved in this territory are Alberta and Sasktachewan.

This deal of buying the Louisiana territory from France happened during the time when Thomas Jefferson was the president of the United States. Even though on the surface such a purchase seems a good thing for a country, there was quite some opposition to the purchase by some American citizens. These citizens argued that the purchase would be unconstitutional. In spite of the opposition, President Jefferson proceeded with the purchase. His decision was not entirely unconstitutional since the constitution provided the president with powers to negotiate treaties of national interest.

Different people had varying reasons for opposing this purchase. One, since the Louisiana Territory included people from Spain, France and black people, some people opposing this purchase were not comfortable with the idea of issuing these groups of people with American citizenships. Two, Spain had two reasons for opposing the Louisiana Purchase. The first reason was the agreement with France. The agreement stated that France would never let go this territory to any other party. The second reason was that France was still to honour the San IIdefonso Treaty.

Despite a successful purchase process of the Louisiana territory by the American government, managing the territory had its challenges as well. For example, people in the territory had the permission to have slaves prior to the successful deal between France and US. However, the American laws prohibited slavery. And this was a conflict. Luckily, a temporary solution to this impasse was reached in 1920 through the Missouri Compromise. In this compromise, the sides that supported and those that opposed slavery agreed to prohibition of slavery in the Louisiana territory with the exception of the area that had been proposed to become the Missouri State.

In conclusion, as much as some people had their reservations against the Louisiana Purchase, the deal was a win-win situation for all parties. The French got monetary benefits, America as a country became bigger and members of the territory were awarded American citizenships.

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