Searching For A Free Essay Introduction Example: A List Of Useful Suggestions

Until you practice writing them quite a lot, introductions can be daunting. And introductions are often frightening to writers for three reasons.

First, it comes at the beginning—therefore, it is easy to put off. This is what all experienced writers call the “blinking cursor” syndrome—that is from the way your word processing cursor vibrates on and off when it remains still and you are not writing. In other words, you are thinking or stuck.

However, you do not actually have to begin with the introduction. If this is a research paper, for example, you might want to conduct some of your research first—this will accomplish two things: you will get all the evidence you need for your thesis—and you will have the body of your paper at least sketched out. Plus, you might get motivated by what you read in the research that you think of a nifty thesis/ approach.

Do not over think it!

That is another important matter. Lots of students over-think the idea of the thesis statement—big time. They think that they have to come up with something so unique that no one has ever thought about it before. But that is exactly what you do not want – In fact, you want something WITH research so you can refer to it and discuss it in your essay or research paper as evidence of your thesis.

Use the “I” Thesis

Everything in the introductory paragraph should be leading up to that thesis statement. If you have trouble writing introductory paragraphs and thesese statements—try this. Write your thesis statement first and make it a firmly stated “I” thesis. For example, you might have a thesis statement like, “I am going to discuss three ways we can make positive changes now and encourage others to make these as well, to end global warming or, at least, fight it. We simply cannot keep destroying the earth.

Okay, where’s y thesis statement? It’s the I statement. It is typically where the I is I and it is usually at the end of the introductory paragraph.

For your beginning sentences, you want to catch your reader’s attention. Try to discuss something to engage them and make them care about your topic like “Recently scientists reported that global warming may lead to the extinction of polar bears.”

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