Composing A Reflective Essay On Racism- Basic Directions

as there been a time in the past where you have witnessed racism either against yourself or against someone else. If that is the case, this incident will give you the information that you need to write a reflective essay on racism. A reflective essay explains something that you have witnessed or lived through.

Here are some basic directions on how to write a reflective essay on racism.

  1. 1. Take notes
  2. Write down all of the information that you can think of about that day when someone was racist against you or you witnessed racism. You can also talk about an event that you read about or saw on the news if you are struggling because you haven’t witnessed it yourself. Make sure to jot down every detail including anything to do with what you saw, what you heard, what you felt and more.

  3. 2. Create an outline
  4. You will need to plan the paper out so that you can make sure that you create an outline because it will help you make sure that you are writing a solid paper that concentrates on telling the story of your even. You will need the outline because it can organize your events in the proper sequence. You can even add some transitions to the outline so that you can make sure that it flows nicely.

  5. 3. Using the senses
  6. You will want to paint the picture of what happened and the best way to do that is to make sure that you talk about how the senses were affected by the event. When it comes to dealing with something as charged as racism, you can express how you felt when the incident was occurring. It is a great way to really make the person understand how it felt and what happened. That is mostly because when you deal with something like that it can affect someone on every aspect.

When you are writing a reflective essay on a topic like this, it is can be such an important piece because of the message that it can send. You should really take it seriously. Give them the most information that you can so that they can really understand the entire situation. Make sure to edit your piece as well so that you don’t turn in a paper with any errors.

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