Crafting An Excellent Personal Response Essay

A personal response essay is one that gives your opinion or thoughts on an issue. It is a common paper in most writing classes because it teaches you how to think about the things that you are reading and learn how to organize and describe your thoughts. When you are asked to craft a personal response essay, there are a few ways to do it so that you can hand in an excellent paper.

  1. 1. Read about the issue
  2. The first step is to read about the issue that you are going to discuss. It is important to make sure that you really get a good idea of it and that can really only come when you are reading everything you can on an issue.

  3. 2. Highlight the points that you will want to discuss
  4. Next, you will highlight the points that you will want to discuss. You can jot them down on a piece of paper so that you can organize them later or if you have copies of the original sources, you can use a highlighter to make them stand out so that you can find them later.

  5. 3. Create an outline of what you want to talk about
  6. You will now organize your information into an outline. It will put all of your information in an organized format, so that you can have a good idea of what you will write your paper about.

  7. 4. Create a draft
  8. Turn your outline into a draft by filling in around the main points to creating a flowing piece with transitions between the various points to help make your case. Make sure to include your opinions backed up with evidence and a reason why that evidence proves your point. Make sure that each paragraph includes these three elements for ever reasoning.

  9. 5. Edit your draft
  10. Don’t just hand in your paper when you get to this point. You will want to make sure that you fix any and all of the mistakes that you may have made when you were writing your draft before you hand it in.

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