A Guide To Composing An Essay About The Person You Admire The Most

A descriptive essay is the most suitable kind of a composition if you want to present a person. The peculiar feature of such a paper is that it should be emotional, fascinating as well as original to attract and keep the readers' attention. Your main goal is to establish an emotional connection between the audience and the main character.

Consider certain requirements you should meet while describing the person you admire.

What to Start with

As usual, start with preparatory work:

  • Select the topic.
  • Very often the main heroes of such papers are people who surround you – relatives, friends, teachers, and, more rarely, a celebrity. Gather information about this person and consider different aspects concerning this individual's life, activity as well as features of character. Think about memories, feelings, and ideas that this person evokes in you.

  • Choose a dominant characteristic.
  • The whole content of your essay will be based on this element. This will determine the selection of situations, activities, and setting. Decide what should be emphasized and what can be omitted as not relevant.

How to Describe the Main Character

This kind of a paper demands following certain rules:

  • Avoid giving direct description of any aspect- appearance, lifestyle, behavior, and activity. Instead, give indirect details, which could help the reader share your admiration for this person, by showing emotions, feelings, accomplishments, and attitude to life.

  • Find the appropriate evidence to support and suitable means to emphasize an outstanding quality or action that will, surely, evoke interest.
  • Reveal personality by employing senses – sight, hearing, taste, etc.
  • Make the language of your composition vivid, bright, and emotional by using various stylistic devices – metaphors, similes as well as humor.
  • Keep in mind that, while describing other people, you reveal your inner world, thoughts, and ideas. Your personality is reflected in your attitude to other people. Tell the reader how this person promoted to shaping of your individuality.

How to Compose the Essay

Your paper will consist of three main parts:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Try to find some original and interesting solution to how to start the paper. Explain your choice of the hero in the thesis statement and point out the main ideas.

  3. Body.
  4. Each paragraph of the body should enlighten one idea. Give evidence in their support. Manifest your admiration by giving explanations and interpretations.

  5. Conclusion.
  6. The final lines should imprint in the readers' minds. Finish with a proper quotation, provocative question, or suitable joke. Stress the role which the person has played in your life.

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