A List Of Funny Compare And Contrast Essay Topics To Discuss

You are looking for a list of funny compare and contrast essay topics to discuss or get your assignment going. How can you select a funny topic that is not only narrow, but also broad enough to give you plenty of intriguing material? Here are some ideas to consider.

Compare and Contrast Influential People

People are always unique and no two people can ever be totally alike. The main challenge is to identify similarities between two people, even when there seems to be completely nothing in common between the two people. While making comparisons on two individuals from the same background might be simple, surprising comparisons like those between real-life people and fictional characters or between individuals from different epochs can result in some of the most interesting compare and contrast essays. If you can successfully make such unlikely connections, any reader will surely be intrigues by your creativity. Here are some potential compare and contrast essay topics about influential people.

  • Osama Bin Laden vs. Mahatma Gandhi
  • Julius Caesar vs. Edward Snowden
  • Tom Robinson vs. OJ Simpson
  • Oprah Winfrey vs. Ellen DeGeneres
  • Regina George vs. Adolf Hitler
  • Compare and Contrast Topics in Film and Literature

At one point in time in the course of a student’s career, you have probably been required to compare and contrast two pieces of literature in English class. This can be a great opportunity to surprise and tickle your professor or instructor by coming up with unexpected comparisons. Here is a list of funny compare and contrast essay topics to discuss under film and literature.

  • Compare Dracula vs. Twilight
  • Compare Lost and Breaking Bad
  • Compare The Yellow Wallpaper vs. A Rose for Emily
  • Compare I am Legend vs. The Day After Tomorrow
  • Compare Divergent vs. Hunger Games
  • Compare and Contrast Essay Topics in Culture and Society

Issues surrounding culture and society present infinite opportunities when it comes to selecting interesting compare and contrast essay topics. The trick in this case is to choose a topic that is not only highly specific, but also interesting. Here is a list of funny compare and contrast essay topics to discuss under culture and society.

  • Compare the American concept of beauty vs. The Korean concept of beauty
  • Compare the African concept of beauty vs. “white’s” concept of beauty
  • A comparison of teenagers vs. Toddlers
  • A comparison of marriage vs. cohabitation
  • Compare the African concept of family vs. Western concept of family
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