25 Decent Persuasive Essay Topics On Social Issues

A social issue is a problem that influences or is opposed by a certain number of people in a society and is undesirable for them. These problems can range from government actions to issues kids face in school and can be of any type. The major thing about addressing such issues is that you understand and evaluate their effect on the larger population. When choosing a social issue to talk about, you need to pick something that actually interests you and that you have always wanted to bring to public attention.

A persuasive essay is the type of paper in which the students need to convince the audience of their ideas by providing logical arguments and factual data to support their stance. This data may be facts, stats, concrete examples and valuable information to support your stance. It is important to stay objective while writing such an assignment and convince your audience on facts rather than opinions. Even if you have a personal liking or disliking for a particular topic, you need to make sure you give enough evidence to prove it.

Persuasive essay topics on social issues

To help you choose a good topic for social issues under a persuasive essay, below is a list of prompts you can consider. Remember that these are only suggestions and you should come up with your own topic by altering or rephrasing a topic that you find interesting

  1. 1. The problem of teen pregnancy in developed economies
  2. 2. Should abortion be legal or not, give reasons to support your stance
  3. 3. The legalization of Gay marriages
  4. 4. Should animal hunting be banned all across the globe
  5. 5. What is the case for animal rights
  6. 6. The case against capital punishment
  7. 7. How should the government ensure gun control
  8. 8. Immigrants and cultural barriers
  9. 9. Is legalizing marijuana a sound choice
  10. 10. The case against domestic violence
  11. 11. The relationship between divorce and finances
  12. 12. Bullying and its effects
  13. 13. Prostitution
  14. 14. Health should be a public sector
  15. 15. The war on terrorism
  16. 16. The Iraq-Afghan war
  17. 17. Gender differences
  18. 18. Drinking and driving
  19. 19. Child Abuse and its effect on the life of the individual in later phases
  20. 20. Social security
  21. 21. Keeping ammunition for self defense
  22. 22. Cloning
  23. 23. What is cybercrime and how to prevent it
  24. 24. Online identity theft
  25. 25. Harassment at work
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