7 Things Every Student Ought To Know About The Essay Structure

When it comes to structuring your essay, there are a few things that every student needs to know. These tips will help you write better essays every single time.

  1. New idea/ New Paragraph
  2. Whenever you are moving on to a new idea, you will need to make sure that you are also moving on to a different paragraph. One paragraph equals one idea. If you keep this in mind, you will write better papers.

  3. Same size paragraphs
  4. You want each of your supporting paragraphs to be similar in size. You can’t have one of your reasoning paragraphs a few pages long and then another one a few sentences long. You want to give your reader a similar amount of information to support each of your reasons. The body paragraphs should be very similar in size. If you can’t produce a supporting argument that is similar in size, come up with a different supporting reason to use in your paper.

  5. Introduction and Conclusion
  6. Every paper should have an introduction first and a conclusion last. This is how the essays are set up and should be consistently each time. The introduction introduces your topic and the conclusion wraps the paper up.

  7. Transitions
  8. Be sure to always add in some transitions at the beginning or the end of all of your paragraphs. These will link your paragraphs together and give you that smooth transition.

  9. Font
  10. When it comes to choosing a font, be sure to check to see if your instructor gave a specific recommendation for the font size or style. Make sure to always choose one that is easy to read. It may look cool to do your paper in an elaborate cursive font, but if it is hard to read, skip it.

  11. Double space
  12. It is just so much easier to read a paper that is double spaced. You should consider making every essay double spaced unless your teacher says otherwise.

  13. Title page
  14. Create a title page that has the essay’s name, your name, your teacher’s name, the course name, and the date. It is also good to add a heading with page numbers.

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