5 Key Components Of A Good Explanatory Synthesis Essay

When you are given a particular type or format of essay to write it is vitally important that you understand the structure. The ‘nature of the beast’ is where so many students fail. They fail to understand the formula or requirements of a specific type of essay. Yes, it is true that every essay has certain characteristics which are common to all essays but equally so every essay has its own unique characteristics. An explanatory synthesis essay is a perfect example.

What is an explanatory synthesis essay?

I can tell you what it is not. It does not contain arguments and opinions where the writer decides what is right or wrong and then justifies their claims. In an explanatory synthesis essay no opinions or arguments are required. Objective writing, detailed writing and comprehensive writing are the prime characteristics.

Keep personal opinions away

As soon as you start to argue and give personal and subjective opinions you will have cost yourself the possibility of a very high score. You may even fail the essay altogether. You are there to state what is true and what can be proven to be true. Always understand this key component of an explanatory synthesis essay. Forget opinion and state facts.

The key components

The introduction is the first component of the essay your reader will read. There must be no guess work involved here. What are you on about? The reader will know precisely the answer to that question as they read your introduction.

The body paragraphs

This is where you will have proven your research skills have come to the fore. You will have collected relevant data and list a main point in each of these body paragraphs. Each main point will be a fact you are able to prove. You will never say that you ‘think’ something is true but you will be able to say that it is categorically true because you have the information or evidence to prove your statement. Naturally you will provide such evidence.

The conclusion

You must finish as well as you have begun. You are going to write a summary of everything which has gone before and you are going to do so in a very clear and precise manner. You'll never introduce any new information and you most certainly will keep it short and sweet. Know the structure and write accordingly.

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