Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a continual concern, which remains a significant controversy in the United States. The issue, which has been bypassed over the years, has now landed in the forefront of the American citizens’ minds. With a need to hold fast to the principles upon which America was built and a fear of losing what each person considers his or hers, the divide is great in a country that claims unity. No matter the side of the argument, laws need to be in place to protect both the immigrants and the citizens.

The United States of America has always invited the downtrodden, persecuted, and anyone with a desire to be free. This beckoning is what brought the first immigrants to its shores. For anyone on a quest for the American Dream, the opportunities and promises seem endless. America, as a whole, has always welcomed immigrants with just a few regulations, which has always led to one nation, represented by many.

One concern in today’s society for those opposed to illegal immigration stems from a fear of loss. Fear of losing jobs, fear of running out of work, fear of not having enough money or space leads citizens into a state of panic.

Since the beginning of the 1980’s, the numbers of illegal immigrants has risen dramatically, bringing about many new ideas for improving the system in which immigrants enter and stay. These ideas have proven unsuccessful, as illegal immigration continues to grow in numbers, daily. With each collapsing idea comes a new wave of fear and disarray from American citizens.

The fear is that undocumented immigrants are stealing jobs, destroying the culture, adding to the drug and trafficking conditions, responsible for a large number of crimes, and destroying the economy.

The difference from immigration of today and immigration of days long ago is that those entering the United States currently are unwanted. When the country was founded, each new person or family who had emigrated from his or her homeland was welcomed on the shores. There was no overpopulation then, which made the prospect exciting. Today, however, the same fear and chaos that paralyzes the American people, keeps this issue a fiery topic.

Whether the belief is that each person deserves a chance at American freedom, or the belief is that there are enough people in the United States, and the borders must be closed, citizens can agree that something must be done. Society has changed from the days of the Declaration of Independence, so the laws must change in accordance.

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