Impact Of Visual And Hearing Impairment

It is well known that eyesight and hearing are vital for a human being. From childbirth till death, eyes and ears provide us with the most basic and the most important support in our day-to-day life. When we believe in what we see with our own eyes and when we believe in what we hear with our own ears, we believe in ourselves. Visual and hearing impairments can be caused by accidents, diseases which may also be genetic or by old age.

Eyesight and hearing loss can impact a human being as a whole. It affects various aspects of his life, personally as well as socially. The main and foremost impact is the loss of psychological balance. The person starts to feel isolated, broken and hurt. It is very difficult for him to come to terms with the the sudden differences brought about in his life. If either of the two is caused in childhood, there is delay in the child's development, vocabulary and a major gap is built between the impaired and the other kids. If a person becomes blind or deaf at any stage of his life, he experiences a very steep fall in his confidence and self-esteem.

Another major impact is that the individual finds it very difficult to gather information about his surroundings and environment with the remaining senses. This ultimately leads to the lack of mobility and security. Blinded people are afraid to move about on their own. In other words, they always have to be dependent on others. This leads to various factors like frustration, negativity, anger, depression, fatigue, and irritability.

People with visual and hearing impairments suffer from loss of communication. It makes it difficult for them to keep up with the events going on around them, among their friends and in the world. An unfortunate gap is built between them and the others. Moreover, they suffer social rejection which leads them to isolation. And man cannot survive in isolation.

If the person is working, then blindness or deafness causes loss in the individual's occupation and earning power. There are little or no job opportunities left for him. And as a consequence, personal identity in the community is at stake. Besides, a person's daily routine is uprooted, leaving a large void of time, social interactions and recreation.

But one should never lose hope in himself. A solution to these problems is to identify the impairment signs at an early stage and accordingly take proper treatment, medical care and financial assistance for the same.

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