Social Change In The Early 19th Century

Social change during the early 19th century is something many people couldn’t imagine compared today’s society. During the early 19th century a number of technology advancements had yet to pass. People didn’t have advanced computers, phones, television and radio. Even vehicles and airplanes didn’t play a role in how people lived during this point in time. The government was small and dealt with a small fraction of the trillions of dollars in debt we have today. During this time only several million people made up the population, or roughly fewer than 50 million people.

During this time period women didn’t have much of a voice, although they were working toward being heard by the government. A number of women currently in modern times couldn’t imagine living during the early 19th century. Women were mostly in charge of keeping homes clean and carrying for children. During this time women would have large families with 6, 7, 8 or more children since birth control wasn’t invented. Most jobs available were for men but women also wanted opportunities to earn a living outside of the home.

Engineering jobs were on the rise and supply and demand was on the increase due to population growth. A number of engineering breakthroughs were starting to take shape including the development of railways. This led to a number of imports and exports to be shared with other areas around the world. Parts of the world would eventually be introduced to new concepts including products and services that would change the way people lived. The railway was one of the most significant changes because it people were able to ship goods to new places that would lead to cultural and society change and expansion.

Job development also became something to look forward to as positions such as doctors, police officers, lawyers and teachers were in demand as towns grew and expanded in population. Some say financially this era may have been better off since debt wasn’t as much of an issue as it is now. People may have lived within their means, but most people bought what they could afford. As women continued to raise the issue of being able to contribute more to society during this time, there were a number of inventions by both men and women that helped the 19th century find its place in history.

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