Academic Essay Writing Guidelines: How To Achieve Perfect Results

Getting down the right style for you is the most important thing when writing an academic essay. Even if you have all the information you need to present a good argument, the way you write your essay can make or break your grade. What you may not know is that the layout can be just as important as the way you word each sentence in terms of style. Here are a few things to consider when writing the perfect academic essay:

  1. - Sections
  2. - Diagrams
  3. - General Sentence Structure
  4. - General Paragraph Structure


If you are assigned an essay that has to be so many pages long, it may be helpful if you use sections to break up your content into easy to find sections. Each section might just be each major point, but it will look a little better to the reader. No matter how many pages it is, if you break your essay up into logical sections, the reader will be less likely to feel overwhelmed when checking out your essay.


Sometimes, it may be helpful for your paper to include a graph or pie chart. By adding a diagram into your essay, you will get rid of the need for a paragraph with hardly anything but numbers (which can be hard to take in). The reader will be able to understand the relationship of the numbers much easier with a visual representation.

Sentence Structure

Sentences should not be too long. If your sentence seems to never end, you may have too much information packed into one sentence. A good rule of thumb is to have one thought per sentence, otherwise you may have a run-on. Also, think about your readers. Will they understand what you meant in that sentence? If there is any question, you can always ask another person to read your sentence.

Paragraph Structure

Paragraphs have similar guidelines to sentences. They should not be overly long, for example, having a paragraph that runs the entire page is too long. Each main point should be written clearly. Visualizing your essay through your peers eyes may help decide if the point is clear. Generally, paragraphs are considered five sentences or more. Having too short a paragraph can be just as bad as too long a paragraph. You run the chance of not fully developing your argument in a paragraph with not enough sentences.

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