Effective Ways To Pick Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay is an essay where you will make a statement in regards to your topic and then work to persuade or convince your audience to agree with you. It is a great essay type because it teaches students how to not only make claims but to back them up as well. This type of essay expresses your opinion on a project though, so it is a little different from a research paper or something else.

Choosing a topic is half of the battle. You have to decide on a good topic to write about so that you can write an effective paper. Without a topic, you can’t even begin any of the other stages of the writing process. Here are some effective ways to pick interesting persuasive essay topics.

Check on the most controversial issues

You can write your paper on a controversial issue. These are the best ones to choose because you have evidence on both sides of the issue. For example, one of the most controversial, yet overused topics, is abortion. You can argue both sides of this issue. You can say that it should be allowed because women should have a right to choose whether they are ready for a kid. You can also say that it is not fair to destroy the fetus. As you can see, you have two sides and neither one is right or wrong.

Choose one that you are interested in

You should choose an interesting topic because it is always a good idea if you have to do any research to choose a topic that you like so when you are forced to read about it, you won’t get bored.

Choose one that you are passionate about

It is also really important to choose a topic that you are passionate about. You want to choose a topic that you agree with one side or the other. If you think that there are certain times when abortion should be allowed like in the case that the mother was raped, you should not write a paper on abortion because you sit the fence on the issue.

Create an outline to ensure that you have backing evidence

You should also start an outline to see if you will have enough solid evidence to prove your side of the issue. You want to have at least three reasons to support your side and you will write at least three body paragraphs to prove it with each reason having its own paragraph.

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