Gun Control

Guns being in the wrong hands are the most threatening thing in the society. Unfortunately, it is the case in many states and this is a complete threat to the security of any federal state. It is the role of the government to offer protection to its citizens. This is only possible if the government is in total control of the guns in its country. Making sure that only the people that are licensed to carry guns have them is the first step towards making sure that the community is safe and that people can go along with their business as normal without fear. This is however a very tricky and complicated situation as there are so many people out there who own guns and are not licensed. The innocent will be left as victims of insecurity as they will fear the law and will not own guns but the criminals that do not care will still go ahead and purchase guns no matter the rules of gun control.

Causes of insecurity

Gun control is not the solution to the problem of insecurity. The only way we can fight insecurity is by addressing its root causes. Mostly the cause for insecurity is promoting crime by offering substandard corrective measures to first time offenders. The punishments are always light and the offenders only get hardened and indulge in crime even the more. The other factor is that of unemployment. Many people are unemployed and this lead to them indulging in crime so as to survive. They buy guns without licensing. Governments to federal governments should find a solution to unemployment if they are determined to win the in against crime and be able to control guns in their countries. The other problem is drug abuse. Most drug cartels need protection and will thus look for all means available that they can acquire guns. The big cartels also have links and are the main suppliers of unlicensed guns. Governments should fight drug abuse alongside gun control.

What people think about gun control?

Most people believe that those people that own guns miss use the guns. They lease the guns to criminals and this is a major contribution to the rising level of crime today. There is a theory that the community would be safer if the citizens were allowed to own guns. They would protect themselves better and give the police easy time. This is however a clouded thinking of just a few people, and the truth is that it is really important to have strict gun control policies.

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