Free Tips For Writing An Effective Narrative Essay Conclusion

A paper should always start strong and it should end with a strong conclusion. You want to reader to remember your story for a long time after they have finished reading the narrative. Quite often a narrative can teach a lesson, cause the reader to laugh or cry, or reveal a weakness or strength to the reader. A narrative should touch the person who is reading it in some way.

A conclusion needs to wrap up the narrative. It needs to appear to the reader that the story is over and finalized. The reader should not be left feeling incomplete after the conclusion. There are several methods for writing the perfect conclusion for your narrative. Feel free to use any of these tips the nest time your teacher assigns you a narrative to write. Your trademark in your narratives could be achieved in how you present your conclusion.

Narrative Conclusion Tips

  • - Ask a question in the introduction and answer the question in the conclusion
  • - Start with part of a quote in the introduction and finish the quote in the conclusion
  • - Provide a universal lesson or statement in the conclusion
  • - Explain how this event made you a better person
  • - Explain what you learned from this event
  • - Explain how you will change or were changed from his event
  • - Tell a morale of the story
  • - Tell a humorous wrap-up to the situation
  • - Explain how this story impacts everyone
  • - Use a famous quote to cap the story
  • - Set up a Part II to your narrative
  • - Go full circle and end the story in the same location where you started the story with the exact same details
  • - Use the first line in the introduction as the last line in the conclusion
  • - Use the same words in the occlusion that were in the introduction, but arranged in a different order
  • - Tell the lesson
  • - Have your character in the same setting from the introduction but with different details or at a different time of day or year
  • - Have the exact same setting as the introduction paragraph but with a different person in it

A paper should never end with a weak conclusion. You want to leave your reader thinking about your narrative for a long time after they have finished your story. You can use the ideas above and guarantee a strong and articulate close to your personal narrative paper.

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