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Practice makes perfect, so try to write essays as often as possible.


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Make a perfect paper by eliminating each and every mistake.

Typical mistakes

If you have ever written an essay for a high school or college class, then you probably guilty of making a typical student mistakes. These mistakes tend to be common, despite the fact that instructors teach the skills. Fortunately, you are reading this blog, so you can learn about the mistakes that students make and how to stop making them.

Mistake #1: Thesis statements that are more than one statement. Students often ignore the lessons about the thesis statement being a statement, not several statements. It is important that students are able to condense their main ideas into one sentence instead so the reader knows exactly what the writer is trying to prove. If students write two sentences or more as their thesis, they tend to contradict themselves and craft too many ideas that they are unable to prove.

Mistake #2: Paragraphs that lack focus. Staying on topic is challenging for students and they often ramble on about too many things in one paragraph. When you craft a paragraph, it is vital that the paragraph has a singular focus and that you work hard to keep that one focus. The best way to do this is by ensuring you write a topic sentence that supports the thesis statement. Then, you make sure that everything you write is about that topic sentence.

Mistake #3: Essays that lack organization. Students often do know how to organize their paragraphs. There are several options for organizing essays and it is best for students to choose a style. Options include chronological, order of importance, and spatial.

Mistake #4: Paragraphs lack transitions. When paragraphs lack transitions, the reader does not know relationships between ideas. This makes it confusing for readers to understand exactly what is happening during the essay. Transitions need to be used to connect paragraphs, tie sentences together, and even in sentences to let the read know how parts of the sentences are connected or not.

Mistake #5: Neglecting the conclusion. Essays need a proper beginning and a proper ending. The conclusion might not be the most important part of the essay, but it is still necessary as the tool to close the essay. Conclusions give essays a feeling of finality.

Once you recognize the errors you make, you will have an easier time fixing them and writing an impressive essay.


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Students tend to think they can “wing” an essay and craft a piece that is completely made up of their opinions.Still, essays require some form of support, either facts or examples.

When students forget to include facts and examples, they reduce the quality of their arguments and their essays. Learn how to show their facts with in-text citations from the sources they use.

Students may include facts without using the proper source documentation. This leads to accusations of plagiarism, which is serious trouble for any student who thinks of his reputation.

Avoiding Troubles

“  When students forget to include the appropriate documentation styles, they teeter on the brink of trouble, also known as plagiarism. .  ”

–  John Mills



make cited page or in-text documentation

Students need to learn how to use MLA, APA, Chicago Style, or other documentation style. Different disciplines will require the use of different documentation styles.

There are so many free apps and online tools that students can use to help themselves with creating their work cited pages. Students can usually find examples of in-text documentation so they can properly include it in their papers.

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