What Is A Process Analysis Essay: The Main Points

Process analysis means a step by step breakdown of the phases of a process. It conveys the inputs, outputs and operations taking place during each phase. It is a form of technical and expository writing. You describe how to do something of how something happened.

Never make it too complicated or try to be too brief, it has to be clear and make sense.

So how do you write a good process analysis essay?

  • - Listen
  • - Dissect
  • - Include all steps in sequence
  • - Explain why the step was necessary

Check this:

Edmund walked down the stairs of the top floor because he needed to get some bread from the kitchen.

Now think about the full picture and analyse it:

This is Edmund he lives in a big house. He has been in a room upstairs, having fun. After a while he begun feeling hungry and decided he wanted a slice of bread.

To get to this bread he had to leave his room, walk through the hallway to his staircase and go all the way down until he reached his kitchen, where the bread is.

Dissect it:

This guy Edmund was hungry and got some bread from his kitchen.

Usually though, a process analysis essay is made to explain how to do something for dummies; make bear, grow carrots, set up a DVD set. They can either be long winded or short and snappy, but they all follow the same basic rules:

It starts with an: introduction.

For example:

“Carrots are nice and tasteful orange vegetables”

Then moves into the first step:

“Step 1. Get your carrot seeds from a gardening store”

After this move through all the phases marking them step 2, 3 etc until you have explained and analysed each one.

Then wrap it up.

Make sure your writing flows and explains easily, includes warnings if necessary and leaves no room for error. Do not forget to make the conclusion effective and make your readers aware of the significance of the process.

Also never start every sentence with “And then”.

If you do it correctly you can process analyse every subject you can think off. How do birds fly, why do cows moo. If you can explain it, you can write it.

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