The Atlas Shrugged

The Atlas Shrugged is the extension to the ideas presented earlier on by Ayn Rand in her best-selling novel, The Fountainhead. The theme of this novel is also revolving around the significant of individual freedom and the sense of creativity in production but it stresses more on the system than on individuals. It is partially relating the story about the railway that is transcontinental so that the business decline can serve as an example of the implication of communism and moral relativism if embraced by American system.

The novel in its introductory part describes the state of the world when the leaders of industry and business utterly refuse to bring about the means of production under the system of collectivism as it does not respect their rights for property, freedom and value only the needs for human rather their personal achievement. The picture of American transformation from capitalism to aggressive communist system has been well painted by Ayn Rand in this novel.

This evolution caused several characters to sweep along as depicted by Dagny Taggart who is the Vice President of Operations at transcontinental railway and becomes hopeless to work under the new reforms of government while ultimately planning to go on strike against the system. Similarly, an extraordinary physicist named as John Galt created such kind of motor that runs by means of static electricity derived from the atmosphere and also founded a community of like-minded people in Colorado. On the other hand, their society is determined to destroy through the removal of productive people of industry and putting the economy of the world grind till standstill. The ultimate outcome, however, turns out in the favor of these brilliant people who rise from secret valley under the core principles related to objectivism. The character of John Galt then addresses on radio about the shortcomings of the policies of government as in collectivism and concept of welfare state.

Though the novel encompasses the period of a few years only but it reflects the peaceful revolutionary of the entire society against communism. The story revolves around many characters both from the top-notch corporate layers of the society to the laborers working on the lowest rate of daily wage and also explains the experiences of individuals reflecting through Rand's opinion of the damaging nature of the policies of communism towards culture. Through the eyes of Rand, the most productive, heroic people are the ones who are capable for creating goods and services or the ones who are dedicated towards their profession whether they are scientists or people who manage giant corporate concerns. Their struggle to maintain their professions and businesses account for the most portion in the novel. However, the characters like John Galt are presented as the mastermind whose strike can stop the motion in the world and are simply called as superman of objectivism. The novel has been declared by New York Times as the most influential book in the business world ever written by anyone.

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