Brainstorming Unique Essay Topics On Homelessness: Tips And Examples

Homelessness is one of the most frequent problems in the modern world. Even in developed countries there are thousands of people who do not have their own place to sleep, and they are forced to seek shelter in special places offered by the city. Some of them, the unfortunate ones, spend their days on the street living at the limit of survival. If you need to write an essay on this topic, you need to offer a new, realistic perspective over this phenomenon.

  • - Decide from what perspective you will write. It is a big difference if you want to write a personal, emotional story or if you will try to bring statistics and official data. Either way, make sure you are as objective as possible, as this is a sensitive topic already that will most likely create debates.
  • - Find out real stories. And by this I do not mean to search on the internet. Go on the streets and discuss with some of the homeless people that you find. You will be shocked to find out that many of them actually have a diploma, and they used to have a normal life. Very often, things are not so black and white as we tend to see them.
  • - Visit a shelter. Many cities have special shelters where they can host homeless people. They either belong to the city hall or organizations, but all of them try to offer a warm bed and some food for people who live on the streets. Most of the people who stay in shelters have a real chance to rebuild their life and to change their situation.
  • - Find out what are the most common causes that lead to homelessness. For some people might be drugs abuse while others simply made a bad business. Even if the stories are different, you will realize that there is a pattern.
  • - Bring some valid solutions. Even if many organizations are trying nowadays to improve the situation, there is no notable difference. Try to look from a realistic perspective and to integrate into your essay viable solutions than can be applied by students. Some basic educational programs or emotional support can be enough to change a life.
  • - Integrate a success story. It is important to keep a positive note to your paper. Find a person who used to be homeless and is now having a normal life. There are many successful people who left the homeless life behind but unfortunately not many of these stories are known to the public.
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