Senior Project Career Of Optometry

The profession of Optometry pertains to health care services that focuses on diverse issues associated with eyes. According to Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry ASCO, Doctors of Optometry ODs or Optometrists are professionals tackling with the inspection, detection, treatment and effectively coping with visual disorders and injuries, along with that alleviate visual disorders and other associated malfunctions. Optometry is growing its roots beyond mere prescription of spectacles and contact lenses to improve visionary problems, but also determining contemporary solutions and imperative visionary care for patients suffering visual ailments.

Optometry is growing as a most pursued career by medical incumbents for the increasing job opportunities, encouraging working conditions and career progression in the Ocular field, as recorded by statistics US department of Labor Bureau. Furthermore, projections estimate a rapid escalation of 24% employment prospects for optometrists relative to other fields from 2012 to 2022. The progression in optometry as potential career is also obvious from the fact that practicing professionals nearing retirements invites fresher’s in the field to continue the ocular services. Thus, enabling new practitioners to execute the innovative domains in optometric services.

The increasing considerations for optometry as career are also triggered by external factors including social and legal parameters. The increasing mechanization and technological advancements calls for having a regular visual checkups and follow-ups, So, the legal standards by the states are constantly raised to keep optometrists well-equipped with the requisite medications and training. Furthermore, pursuing optometry career is on peak for the variations and versatility in ‘forefronts of visual care’.

The onset of new technologically updated optical solutions is also expanding the scope of optometric practices. The progressing trend of laser treatments for visual disorders has also added to the success factor of optometric career, and ODS are focusing their efforts in gaining learning experience of pre and postoperative procedures of laser surgery. The improvement in accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic instrumentation and testing result is also another trigger for optometrist to stay committed with their career. The persistent need prompted by new medications to learn and gain a well-versed education for life-long career by optometrists.

Thus, optometry as a profession is enhancing feasibility and significance to be adopted as a career. Furthermore, the increasing attraction in optometry career is due to the mounting efficiencies and advancement in its modes of practice, professional settings and consequent income potential for the optometry professionals.

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